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OECD - 20/03/2012
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Livre numérique OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Zambia 2012

OECD's review of investment policy in Zambia reviews the country's investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, trade and competition policy, tax policy, corporate governance, policies for promoting responsible business conduct, ... Plus

OECD - 08/03/2012
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Livre numérique Meeting the Water Reform Challenge

The need to reform water policies is as urgent as ever. Water is essential for economic growth, human health, and the environment. Yet governments around the world face significant challenges in managing their water resources effectively. Plus

Livre numérique Take Control of BBEdit

Is text a large part of your life? Do you write blog posts, code Web pages, search through log files, generate database reports, and regularly look for needles in textual haystacks? The best tool on the Mac for those tasks is BBEdit, ... Plus

Livre numérique Shakespeare, Henry V and the Lessons for Management

The principles and   ideas   of Shakespeare's   Henry   V   and   still   have   practical application in   management . Shakespeare , ... Plus

Livre numérique SharePoint 2010 for Project Management

If you were to analyze your team’s performance on a typical project, you’d be surprised how much time is wasted on non-productive tasks. Plus

Where is Alberta's Wealth Going?
ECW PRESS - 17/01/2012
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Livre numérique Follow the Money

Alberta’s most insightful political commentator is back with another essential book. Kevin Taft, together with economists Mel McMillan and Junaid Jahangir, ... Plus

Livre numérique Inventory of Estimated Budgetary Support and Tax Expenditures for Fossil Fuels

This publication provides preliminary, quantitative estimates of direct budgetary support and tax expenditures supporting the production or consumption of fossil fuels in selected OECD member countries. Plus

The Role of Angel Investors
OECD - 20/12/2011
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Livre numérique Financing High-Growth Firms

This report covers seed stage financing for high growth companies in OECD and non-OECD countries with a primary focus on angel investment. The paper provides an overview of angel financing, ... Plus

Livre numérique OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies: Russian Federation 2011

The global financial crisis interrupted a protracted period of strong economic growth in the Russian Federation. Despite a large decline in output, job losses and hikes in unemployment remained rather modest, ... Plus

The SME Dimension
OECD - 05/12/2011
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Livre numérique Intellectual Assets and Innovation

Intellectual Property Rights can be instrumental for SMEs to protect and build on their innovations; position themselves competitively vis-à-vis larger enterprises in global markets; gain access to revenues; signal current and prospective value to ... Plus


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Grisbi : après le logiciel, le manuel en version 1.0 External link Français

22 avril 2014 11:11:39

Utilisateur du logiciel de comptabilité personnelle Grisbi depuis la version 0.3, j'ai un jour constaté que le logiciel avait tellement évolué que le manuel était devenu complètement obsolète ; je me suis donc attelé à sa remise à niveau, ...

mcercle version 14.04 External link Français

13 avril 2014 14:07:19

mcercle est un logiciel de gestion libre sous licence GPLv3 pour autoentrepreneur, artisans et TPE. Il se veut léger, ergonomique tout en gardant les performances d’un logiciel de gestion professionnel. Il est multiplateforme s’exécutant sous MS Windows, ...

L’application de la semaine : Leadership pour Elles External link Français

11 avril 2014 10:56:00

Salaires : êtes-vous plutôt riches, plutôt pauvres ou entre les deux ? External link Français

09 avril 2014 11:30:00

FusionDirectory est sorti External link Français

04 avril 2014 15:55:28

L’équipe de FusionDirectory est heureuse de vous annoncer la publication de la version de FusionDirectory. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas FusionDirectory, il s’agit d’un gestionnaire d’infrastructure.