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Livre numérique The Political Economy of Sovereign Default

What do self-interested governments’ needs to maintain loyal groups of supporters imply for sovereign incentives to repay debt? Many sovereign defaults have occurred at relatively low levels of debt, ... Plus

Powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development
O'Reilly Media - 14/08/2012
Langue English
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26,99 €
Livre numérique Version Control with Git

Get up to speed on Git for tracking, branching, merging, and managing code revisions. Through a series of step-by-step tutorials, this practical guide takes you quickly from Git fundamentals to advanced techniques, ... Plus

Livre numérique Administrative Discretion in Education

Every day, discretion shapes the decisions that run our schools, colleges, and universities. Every day, it alters the lives and futures of students, educators, and administrators. Plus

A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others
O'Reilly Media - 06/07/2012
Langue English
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18,99 €
Livre numérique Team Geek

In a perfect world, software engineers who produce the best code are the most successful. But in our perfectly messy world, success also depends on how you work with people to get your job done. In this highly entertaining book, ... Plus

Statistical Yearbook
OECD - 18/06/2012
Langue English
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Livre numérique African Central Government Debt  2012

The focus of this greatly improved third edition is to provide comprehensive quantitative information on African central government debt instruments, both marketable debt and non-marketable debt. The coverage of data is limited to central government debt Plus

Sector Competitiveness Strategy
OECD - 11/06/2012
Langue English
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Livre numérique Competitiveness and Private Sector Development: Ukraine 2011

This review of competitiveness and private sector development in the Ukraine  provides a solid base for policy analysis and gives recommendations with immediate relevance and applicability. Plus

OECD - 11/06/2012
Langue English
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Livre numérique OECD Pensions Outlook 2012

This edition of the OECD Pensions Outlook examines the changing pensions landscape. It looks at pension reform during the crisis and beyond, the design of automatic adjustment mechanisms, reversals of systemic pension reforms in Central and Eastern Europe, ... Plus

Building the New Age of Participation
O'Reilly Media - 09/05/2012
Langue English
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Livre numérique The Art of Community

Online communities provide a wide range of opportunities for supporting a cause, marketing a product or service, or building open source software. The Art of Community helps you recruit members, motivate them, and manage them as active participants. Plus

An OECD Scoreboard
OECD - 19/04/2012
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Livre numérique Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2012

Access to finance represents one of the most significant challenges for entrepreneurs and for the creation, survival and growth of small businesses. As governments address this challenge, ... Plus

OECD - 11/04/2012
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Livre numérique OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Colombia 2012

This Investment Policy Review examines Colombia's achievements in developing an open and transparent investment regime and its efforts to reduce restrictions on international investment. The Review  shows  that, in the past few years, ... Plus


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Les couleurs - un rôle crucial dans tout le design! External link Français

L'impact des couleurs est l'un des domaines les plus intéressants du marketing. En effet la couleur est le premier élément visuel que les gens perçoivent - elle joue un rôle crucial dans tout le design.

Le commercial doit-il avoir un bureau ? External link Français

L'image que beaucoup de personnes ont du commercial est une personne sillonnant les routes. Cette personne porte une valisette dans la main gauche et un téléphone mobile dans la main droite. Aussi, ...

Malakoff Médéric : tous vendeurs ! External link Français

Le groupe de protection sociale Malakoff Médéric a imaginé pour ses 5700 collaborateurs un programme visant à développer la prescription tout en renforçant leur fierté d'appartenance à l'entreprise.

Où partent les expatriés ? External link Français

La dernière étude d'HSBC révèle les destinations où les entreprises envoient leurs cadres.

Jérôme Tixier, directeur commercial grand public DIY de Stanley Black & Decker France External link Français

À ce poste depuis octobre 2014, Jérôme Tixier est en charge de l'équipe commerciale grand public et doit également mettre en oeuvre la vision stratégique du groupe sur ses activités DIY.