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Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe
Langue English
52,00 €
Livre numérique SME Policy Index: The Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014

This report assesses the elaboration and implementation of SME policy in eight Middle East and North African economies of the southern Mediterranean shore. Plus

Guidance and Good Practices
Langue English
16,00 €
Livre numérique Public Enforcement and Corporate Governance in Asia

This book presents a study of the corporate governance legal framework and enforcement by capital market regulators in participating Asian jurisdictions. The study focuses on the following areas: the legal framework and adequacy of laws, ... Plus

Livre numérique The Size and Sectoral Distribution of SOEs in OECD and Partner Countries

This report analyses a dataset detailing the size of national state-owned enterprise (SOE) sectors (by number, value and employment) and their composition by sector and corporate forms. Plus

Livre numérique OECD International Direct Investment Statistics 2014

Driven by technological change, global competition and the liberalisation of markets, intentional direct investment plays a key role in the process of global economic integration. Plus

Langue English
39,00 €
Livre numérique OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Mauritius 2014

This review illustrates the significant progress made by the government of Mauritius in improving its investment climate in recent years. It highlights major initiatives and specific policy measures undertaken, ... Plus

Langue English
56,00 €
Livre numérique OECD Insurance Statistics  2013

This annual publication provides major official insurance statistics for all OECD countries, selected economies in Asia, Africa and for the first time countries belonging to the Association of Latin American Insurance Supervisors (ASSAL). Plus

An Overview of National Practices
Langue English
16,00 €
Livre numérique Financing State-Owned Enterprises

This book sheds light on how financing decisions are made regarding state-owned enterprises and synthesises national policies and practices. Plus

The Role of Schools
Langue English
25,00 €
Livre numérique Financial Education for Youth

The importance of financial literacy and specifically the need to promote financial education has been recognised as an important contributor to improved financial inclusion and individuals’ financial well-being as well as a support to financial ... Plus

Langue English
56,00 €
Livre numérique OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

This comprehensive review of Myanmar's policies regarding inward direct investment covers such issues as trends in investment in Myanmar, responsible business conduct, regulation and protection of investment, investment promotion and facilitation, ... Plus

Langue English
60,00 €
Livre numérique OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Greece

The work undertaken by the Greek authorities in recent years to reinforce competition law and the Hellenic Competition Commission, ... Plus


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