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Livre numérique Head First PMP

Learn the latest principles and certification objectives in The PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition, in a unique and inspiring way with Head First PMP. Plus

Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business
O'Reilly Media - 05/06/2013
Langue English
16,99 €
Livre numérique Present Yourself

With the success of SlideShare and other online presentation sites, slide presentations have become the language of business. This practical book demonstrates how you can use this visual language to make the story of your organization, brand, ... Plus

Practical lessons on building and launching outstanding software, learned on the job at Google and Amazon
O'Reilly Media - 24/08/2012
Langue English
13,99 €
Livre numérique Shipping Greatness

Need a shortcut to a degree in shipping great software? Successful team leaders must have an extremely broad skill set to find the right product, work through a complex and ever-changing development process, and do it all incredibly quickly. Plus

Powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development
O'Reilly Media - 15/08/2012
Langue English
23,99 €
Livre numérique Version Control with Git

Get up to speed on Git for tracking, branching, merging, and managing code revisions. Through a series of step-by-step tutorials, this practical guide takes you quickly from Git fundamentals to advanced techniques, ... Plus

A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others
O'Reilly Media - 06/07/2012
Langue English
18,99 €
Livre numérique Team Geek

In a perfect world, software engineers who produce the best code are the most successful. But in our perfectly messy world, success also depends on how you work with people to get your job done. In this highly entertaining book, ... Plus

Building the New Age of Participation
O'Reilly Media - 09/05/2012
Langue English
26,99 €
Livre numérique The Art of Community

Online communities provide a wide range of opportunities for supporting a cause, marketing a product or service, or building open source software. The Art of Community helps you recruit members, motivate them, and manage them as active participants. Plus

Livre numérique Take Control of BBEdit

Is text a large part of your life? Do you write blog posts, code Web pages, search through log files, generate database reports, and regularly look for needles in textual haystacks? The best tool on the Mac for those tasks is BBEdit, ... Plus

Make Sure IPv6 Doesn't Break Your Applications
O'Reilly Media - 10/06/2011
Langue English
16,99 €
Livre numérique Migrating Applications to IPv6

If IPv6 is to be adopted on a large scale, the applications running on desktop systems, laptops, and even mobile devices need to work just as well with this protocol as they do with IPv4. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 05/05/2010
Collection Java Series
Langue English
30,99 €
Livre numérique Java Cryptography

Cryptography, the science of secret writing, is the biggest, baddest security tool in the application programmer's arsenal. Cryptography provides three services that are crucial in secure programming. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 25/03/2010
Langue English
30,99 €
Livre numérique TCP/IP Network Administration

This complete guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network is essential for network administrators, and invaluable for users of home systems that access the Internet. The book starts with the fundamentals -- what protocols do and how they work, ... Plus


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L’avenir du bureau External link Français

30 octobre 2014 06:00:41

Demain, les bureaux existeront-ils encore ? Après tout, les changements apportés par le numérique ne nous dispensent-ils pas de nous rendre tous en un même lieu dédié, pour nous permettre de travailler chez nous, ...

Digiwork : les métamorphoses du travail External link Français

28 octobre 2014 06:00:33

L’avenir du travail ? Vaste sujet qui a constitué le cœur des discussions de Lift 2014, qui s’est tenue du 21 au 22 octobre à Marseille. Pour Daniel Kaplan (@kaplandaniel), délégué général de la Fing, ...

Logiciel libre de gestion des congés External link Français

08 octobre 2014 14:44:12

LMS (pour Leave Management System) est une application web (PHP/MySQL) de gestion des congés et des heures supplémentaires. Conçu au départ pour une ONG d'une centaine d'employés (Passerelles numériques), ...

FusionDirectory est sorti ! External link Français

11 septembre 2014 20:36:16

L’équipe de FusionDirectory est heureuse de vous annoncer la publication de la version de FusionDirectory. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas FusionDirectory, il s’agit d’un gestionnaire d’infrastructure.

The sick sad truth about enterprise internal tools External link English

21 août 2014 06:58:23

Working as a project manager or a system administrator taught me the most important thing you need to know when working in a company. If someone asks you to deploy a new tool for internal use, nod, write it down on a post-it, and forget about it.