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How to add intelligent markup to digital resources
OpenEdition Press - 11/04/2014
Langue English
5,99 €
Livre numérique What is the Text Encoding Initiative?

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines have long been regarded as the de facto standard for the preparation of digital textual resources in the scholarly research community. For the beginner, they offer a daunting range of possibilities, ... Plus

Livre numérique iOS Game Development Cookbook

Want to build games with iOS technologies? This cookbook provides detailed recipes for a wide range of common iOS game-development issues, ranging from 2D and 3D math to Game Center integration, and OpenGL to performance. Plus

Livre numérique Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

The world of Java performance has shifted significantly in the past ten years. Multicore machines and 64-bit operating systems are now standard even for casual users, and Java itself has introduced new features to manage applications. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 09/04/2014
Langue English
13,99 €
Livre numérique Creating Apps in Kivy

Build mobile apps efficiently with Kivy, the Python-powered graphical toolkit for creating natural user interfaces with elegant multitouch support. With this hands-on guide, ... Plus

Livre numérique Building Web Apps with WordPress

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. As this practical guide clearly demonstrates, you can use WordPress to build web apps of any type—not mere content sites, but full-blown apps for specific tasks. Plus

Livre numérique Java 8 Pocket Guide

When you need quick answers for developing or debugging Java programs, this pocket guide provides a handy reference to standard features of the Java programming language and its platform. You’ll find helpful programming examples, tables, figures, ... Plus

Quick and Beautiful in the Calgary Region
ECW PRESS - 07/04/2014
Langue English
À partir de 14,99 €
Livre numérique The Chinook Short Season Yard

Creating and maintaining the perfect yard in the chinook zone isn’t as hard as you might think, but the short growing season doesn’t give you much time to transform your winter-weary yard into a glorious garden. Plus

A Guide for Software Quality Assurance in the Agile World
Rocky Nook - 28/03/2014
Langue English
16,99 €
Livre numérique Testing in Scrum

These days, more and more software development projects are being carried out using agile methods like Scrum. Agile software development promises higher software quality, a shorter time to market, and improved focus on customer needs.However, ... Plus

Livre numérique Head First JavaScript Programming

What will you learn from this book? This brain-friendly guide teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model. Plus

Livre numérique Take Control of Your Online Privacy

Learn what's private online (not much)--and what to do about it! Updated March 19, Do you have anything to hide? Whether or not you think you do, ... Plus


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SysML 1.4 (suite) External link Français

30 septembre 2014 19:24:43

Une petite mise à jour sur mon post précédent : on attend toujours la version officielle de SysML 1.4, qui semble retardée pour des problèmes d'organisation au sein de Tim Weilkiens a commencé à publier sur son (excellent) blog une série de posts ...

My Debian LTS report for September External link English

30 septembre 2014 15:24:25

Discover what it means to contribute to Debian LTS in more concrete terms through one month of my work on this project.

Venez découvrir la cartographie collaborative libre samedi 4 octobre 2014 à Forcalquier (04) External link Français

30 septembre 2014 13:36:24

Venez découvrir la cartographie collaborative libre avec OpenStreetMap samedi 4 octobre 2014 à Forcalquier. Un atelier proposé par APITUX dans le cadre du Village des sciences à Forcalquier. C'est au Couvent des cordeliers, en continu de 14h à 18h.

Retour d'expérience sur la cartographie collaborative libre avec OSM le 2 octobre 2014 à Digne (04) External link Français

30 septembre 2014 11:24:13

Une rencontre départementale aura lieu dans les Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, sur la thématique « Réseaux sociaux et nouvelles formes d’engagement » jeudi 2 octobre 2014.

Les Google Webmaster Tools envoient un mail de conseils (non personnalisés) External link Français

30 septembre 2014 08:08:23

Google envoie dorénavant un mail de conseils lors de la création d'un compte Webmaster Tools. Mais sans personnalisation. Pour l'instant Google envoie désormais un message-type au webmaster d'un site lorsque celui-ci crée un compte Webmaster Tools ...