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Livre numérique Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac

Set up a rock-solid backup strategy so that you can restore quickly and completely, no matter what catastrophe arises. Read along as backup guru Joe Kissell helps you understand the three components of a solid backup strategy, ... Plus

Livre numérique Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac

Read along as backup guru Joe Kissell helps you pick the best backup strategy for your needs and understand the hows and whys of what you are doing, ... Plus

Livre numérique Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

Includes coupons worth $30 off Data Backup and 10% off CrashPlan Although the 228-page ebook is organized so you can start backing up without reading every page, Design a reliable backup system. ... Plus

Tools to Make You More Efficient
O'Reilly Media - 14/05/2009
Langue English
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26,99 €
Livre numérique Automating System Administration with Perl

If you do systems administration work of any kind, you have to deal with the growing complexity of your environment and increasing demands on your time. Automating System Administration with Perl, Second Edition, ... Plus

O'Reilly Media - 24/04/2009
Langue English
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26,99 €
Livre numérique iWork '09: The Missing Manual

With iWork '09, Apple's productivity applications have come of age. Unfortunately, their user guides are stuck in infancy. That's where iWork '09: The Missing Manual comes in. Plus

Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages
O'Reilly Media - 21/03/2009
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Livre numérique Masterminds of Programming

Masterminds of Programming features exclusive interviews with the creators of several historic and highly influential programming languages. In this unique collection, you'll learn about the processes that led to specific design decisions, ... Plus

Livre numérique Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide

It used to be that two laptops, sitting side by side, couldn't communicate with each other; they may as well have been a thousand miles apart. But that was then, before the advent of Zero Configuration Networking technology. Plus

Livre numérique Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell

Following the common-sense O'Reilly style, Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell cuts through the chaff and gives you practical details you can use every day. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 12/07/2005
Langue English
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Livre numérique Mac OS X: The Missing Manual

You can set your watch to it: As soon as Apple comes out with another version of Mac OS X, David Pogue hits the streets with another meticulous Missing Manual to cover it with a wealth of detail. Plus

Integrating Mac OS X Server into Heterogeneous Networks
O'Reilly Media - 24/05/2005
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Livre numérique Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration

From the command line to Apple's graphical tools, this book uses a thorough, fundamental approach that leads readers to mastery of every aspect of the server. Full of much-needed insight, clear explanations, troubleshooting tips, ... Plus


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Installer Ruby on Rails 3 sans peine et sans dangers sous Mac OS X External link Français

06 février 2010 12:32:00

Avec la sortie de la bêta de Ruby on Rails 3.0, il est temps de commencer à porter doucement vos applications vers cette nouvelle version majeure de votre framework web favori. Parce que Ruby on Rails 3.

Use AIR 2.0 SDK with Flex 4.0 External link English

21 novembre 2009 16:29:40

As you may have heard, AIR 2.0 (codename "Athena") is now available on Adobe Labs. I won’t make you a list of all the cool new features, everything is well explained here. I’m going to show you a way to merge Flex 4.

Fin… et suite… External link Français

11 juin 2009 18:46:51

Voilà, le temps et venu. Je ferme définitivement ce blog pour me consacrer pleinement au suivant . See you there.