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Livre numérique Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

The world of Java performance has shifted significantly in the past ten years. Multicore machines and 64-bit operating systems are now standard even for casual users, and Java itself has introduced new features to manage applications. Plus

Livre numérique Ethernet: The Definitive Guide

Get up to speed on the latest Ethernet capabilities for building and maintaining networks for everything from homes and offices to data centers and server machine rooms. This thoroughly revised, ... Plus

Livre numérique Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

Learn a use-case approach for developing Java enterprise applications in a continuously test-driven fashion. With this hands-on guide, authors and JBoss project leaders Andrew Lee Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen show you how to build high-level components, ... Plus

Livre numérique Head First PMP

Learn the latest principles and certification objectives in The PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition, in a unique and inspiring way with Head First PMP. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 11/07/2013
Langue English
À partir de 23,99 €
Livre numérique Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading

Despite its growing use in the enterprise, building applications for Hadoop is notoriously difficult. But there is a solution. This hands-on book introduces you to Cascading, ... Plus

Livre numérique Juniper SRX Series

This complete field guide, authorized by Juniper Networks, is the perfect hands-on reference for deploying, configuring, and operating Juniper’s SRX Series networking device. Plus

Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business
O'Reilly Media - 05/06/2013
Langue English
16,99 €
Livre numérique Present Yourself

With the success of SlideShare and other online presentation sites, slide presentations have become the language of business. This practical book demonstrates how you can use this visual language to make the story of your organization, brand, ... Plus

O'Reilly Media - 08/10/2012
Langue English
26,99 €
Livre numérique Python for Data Analysis

Python for Data Analysis is concerned with the nuts and bolts of manipulating, processing, cleaning, and crunching data in Python. It is also a practical, modern introduction to scientific computing in Python, tailored for data-intensive applications. Plus

Livre numérique Juniper MX Series

Discover why routers in the Juniper MX Series, with their advanced feature sets and record breaking scale, are so popular among enterprises and network service providers. This authoritative book shows you step-by-step how to implement high-density, ... Plus

Practical lessons on building and launching outstanding software, learned on the job at Google and Amazon
O'Reilly Media - 24/08/2012
Langue English
13,99 €
Livre numérique Shipping Greatness

Need a shortcut to a degree in shipping great software? Successful team leaders must have an extremely broad skill set to find the right product, work through a complex and ever-changing development process, and do it all incredibly quickly. Plus


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Vivre du logiciel libre - Ludovic Dubost nous parle de sa société : XWiki SAS External link Français

29 septembre 2014 11:49:58

Le deuxième volet de la série sur l'économie du libre continue. Après l'entretien avec Jérôme Martinez début septembre, je vous propose de découvrir la société XWiki SAS, éditeur de logiciels libres créée il y a maintenant 10 ans par Ludovic XWi ...

Aperi’tic logiciel libre en milieu professionnel - jeudi 25 septembre 2014 à Gap External link Français

19 septembre 2014 11:12:22

Un Aperi’tic consacré au logiciel libre en milieu professionnel, jeudi 25 septembre 2014 de 10h à 12h à la CCI 05, 16 rue Carnot à Gap. lien n°1 : La CCI 05 lien n°2 : La CCI 05, lien n°3 : Aperi’tic logiciel libre e ...

Gmail : pas moins de 5 millions de mots de passe circulent sur le web… External link Français

12 septembre 2014 13:40:00

FusionDirectory est sorti ! External link Français

11 septembre 2014 20:36:16

L’équipe de FusionDirectory est heureuse de vous annoncer la publication de la version de FusionDirectory. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas FusionDirectory, il s’agit d’un gestionnaire d’infrastructure.

Vivre du logiciel libre - trois ans plus tard External link Français

02 septembre 2014 09:43:24

En décembre 2011, j'avais publié une série d'interviews de créateurs d'entreprise dans le domaine du logiciel libre. Près de trois ans plus tard, ...