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OECD - 24/06/2014
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Livre numérique Green Growth Indicators 2014

The OECD Green Growth Strategy supports countries in fostering economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which well-being relies. Plus

Health Impacts of Road Transport
OECD - 21/05/2014
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Livre numérique The Cost of Air Pollution

Outdoor air pollution kills more than 3 million people across the world every year, and causes health problems from asthma to heart disease for many more. This is costing societies very large amounts in terms of the value of lives lost and ill health. Plus

Experiences in Colombia and Ethiopia
OECD - 22/04/2014
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Livre numérique Climate Resilience in Development Planning

Climate-related disasters have inflicted increasingly high losses on developing countries, and with climate change, these losses are likely to worsen. Plus

Livre numérique OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Colombia 2014

This report is the first OECD review of Colombia’s environmental performance. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, ... Plus

Livre numérique OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: South Africa 2013

This report is the first OECD review of South Africa’s environmental performance. It has been carried out as part of the OECD dialogue with South Africa as Key Partner. Plus

The Nature and Environmental Photographs of Peter Essick
Rocky Nook - 28/11/2013
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Livre numérique Our Beautiful, Fragile World

Our Beautiful, Fragile World features a career-spanning look at the images of photojournalist Peter Essick taken while on assignment for National Geographic magazine. In this book, ... Plus

Livre numérique OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Austria 2013

This report is the third OECD review of Austria’s environmental performance. The report evaluates Austria's progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on chemicals management and climate change adaptation. Plus

OECD - 04/11/2013
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Livre numérique Effective Carbon Prices

Economic textbooks predict that taxes and emission trading systems are the cheapest way for societies to reduce emissions of CO2. This book shows that this is also the case in the real world. Plus

Best practices and lessons learnt
MkF Éditions - 18/10/2013
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Livre numérique White Paper on sustainable energy projects in Africa

With almost 600 million people having no access to energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, rural electrification is a major challenge for the development of the continent. This White Paper highlights 25 energy projects currently being developed in Africa. Plus

Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters
OECD - 02/09/2013
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Livre numérique Water and Climate Change Adaptation

This report sets out the challenge for freshwater in a changing climate and provides policy guidance on how to navigate this new “waterscape”. It highlights the range of expected changes in the water cycle and the challenge of making practical, ... Plus


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