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O'Reilly Media - 03/05/2005
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Livre numérique MySQL in a Nutshell

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. MySQL is designed for speed, power, and flexibility in mission-critical, heavy-use environments and modest applications as well. It's also surprisingly rich in features. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 02/05/2005
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Livre numérique GDB Pocket Reference

Many Linux and Unix developers are familiar with the GNU debugger (GBD), the invaluable open source tool for testing, fixing, and retesting software. And since GDB can be ported to Windows, ... Plus

Livre numérique Visual C# 2005: A Developer's Notebook

In the three years since Microsoft made C# available, there have been lots of tweaks to the language. That's because C# is not only essential for making .NET work, it's a big way for Microsoft to attract millions of Java, ... Plus

Switching to Firefox
O'Reilly Media - 25/04/2005
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Livre numérique Don't Click on the Blue E!

For all those surfers who have slowly grown disenchanted with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, Don't Click on the Blue E! from O'Reilly is here to help. Plus

A Developer's Notebook
O'Reilly Media - 25/04/2005
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Livre numérique Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook

When Microsoft introduced the Visual Basic .NET programming language, as part of its move to the .NET Framework two years ago, many developers willingly made the switch. Millions of others, however, continued to stick with Visual Basic 6. Plus

Tips & Tools for Wrangling Your Data
O'Reilly Media - 17/04/2005
Collection Hacks
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Livre numérique Access Hacks

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, Access has become the industry's leading desktop database management program for organizing, accessing, and sharing information. Plus

From Windows to Linux in 60 Seconds
O'Reilly Media - 13/04/2005
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Livre numérique Test Driving Linux

For years, computer users have put up with the bugs, security holes, and viruses on Windows because they had no choice. Until recently, there has never been a good alternative to Windows. But now, Windows users can switch to Linux, the reliable, secure, ... Plus

Livre numérique Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom

Perhaps the most explosive technological trend over the past two years has been blogging. As a matter of fact, it's been reported that the number of blogs during that time has grown from 100,000 to 4.8 million-with no end to this growth in sight. Plus

O'Reilly Media - 13/04/2005
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Livre numérique Ant: The Definitive Guide

Soon after its launch, Ant succeeded in taking the Java world by storm, becoming the most widely used tool for building applications in Java environments. Like most popular technologies, Ant quickly went through a series of early revision cycles. Plus

Livre numérique Spring: A Developer's Notebook

Since development first began on Spring in 2003, there's been a constant buzz about it in Java development publications and corporate IT departments. Plus


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CHOUETTE, logiciel libre pour faciliter les échanges de données transports External link Français

21 juillet 2014 22:45:55

CHOUETTE est le nom d’un logiciel libre dont le but est de faciliter les échanges de données transports entre différents systèmes Ce logiciel est développé à l'initiative de l'Agence Française pour l’Information Multimodale et la ...

ApéroMaison le 31 juillet à Nantes External link Français

21 juillet 2014 20:57:53

Après avoir participé au Café vie privée1 du 5 juillet dernier, FAImaison, fournisseur d'accès à internet Nantais, vous propose un ApéroMaison le 31 juillet à 19h au bar l'Absence (rue La Noué Bras de Fer à Nantes), ...

I love your service but I will never pay for it: post mortem of a startup without business External link English

21 juillet 2014 19:54:50

Twitmark V1 was the only one that was actually deployed in production. The story starts mid 2008. My old friend Bastien Quelen and I realized that we couldn’t rely on our old RSS subscription to manage our daily technical watch.

eBay : une pénalité à 200 millions de dollars ? External link Français

21 juillet 2014 08:18:27

eBay vient de reconnaître des 'problèmes SEO' sur le site de ventes aux enchères, évoquant une perte de 200 millions de dollars. Une façon de nous rappeler qu'il est très dangereux de devenir dépendant d'une source de trafic que l'on ne maîtrise pas, ...

Nouvelle interface pour Google Alertes External link Français

21 juillet 2014 07:54:38

L'outil Google Alertes, qui vous avertit de l'apparition d'un nouveau contenu sur le Web pour vos mots clés favoris, vient de recevoir un nouvel habillage et une fonctionnalité de suggestions de requêtes peu utile, Google vient de lancer une ...