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Livre numérique SVG Essentials

Learn the essentials of Scalable Vector Graphics, the mark-up language used by most vector drawing programs and interactive web graphics tools. SVG Essentials takes you through SVG’s capabilities, ... Plus

O'Reilly Media - 16/10/2014
Langue English
23,99 €
Livre numérique Java in a Nutshell

The latest edition of Java in a Nutshell is designed to help experienced Java programmers get the most out of Java 7 and 8, but it’s also a learning path for new developers. Plus

C Tips from the New School
O'Reilly Media - 27/09/2014
Langue English
36,99 €
Livre numérique 21st Century C

Throw out your old ideas about C and get to know a programming language that’s substantially outgrown its origins. With this revised edition of 21st Century C, you’ll discover up-to-date techniques missing from other C tutorials, ... Plus

A Test-Driven Approach
O'Reilly Media - 26/09/2014
Langue English
21,99 €
Livre numérique Thoughtful Machine Learning

Learn how to apply test-driven development (TDD) to machine-learning algorithms—and catch mistakes that could sink your analysis. In this practical guide, author Matthew Kirk takes you through the principles of TDD and machine learning, ... Plus

O'Reilly Media - 17/09/2014
Langue English
21,99 €
Livre numérique Lean Branding

Every day, thousands of passionate developers come up with new startup ideas but lack the branding know-how to make them thrive. If you count yourself among them, Lean Branding is here to help. This practical toolkit helps you build your own robust, ... Plus

Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Manager
Rocky Nook - 12/09/2014
Langue English
37,99 €
Livre numérique Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 2

This book teaches test managers what they need to know to achieve advanced skills in test estimation, test planning, test monitoring, and test control. Readers will learn how to define the overall testing goals and strategies for the systems being tested. Plus

Using Type Well on the Web
O'Reilly Media - 10/09/2014
Langue English
18,99 €
Livre numérique Responsive Typography

Responsive web design helps your site maintain its design integrity on a variety of screen sizes, but how does it affect your typography? With this practical book, graphic designers, web designers, ... Plus

Covers 2014 release
O'Reilly Media - 14/08/2014
Langue English
33,99 €
Livre numérique Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual

Photoshop CC is an outstanding image editor, but it can be pretty overwhelming. This book makes learning Photoshop as easy as possible by explaining the hows and whys in a friendly, conversational style. You’ll unlock Photoshop’s secrets, new goodies, ... Plus

Principles and Best Practices for Mobile Commerce
O'Reilly Media - 13/08/2014
Langue English
23,99 €
Livre numérique Designing Mobile Payment Experiences

Now that consumer purchases with mobile phones are on the rise, how do you design a payment app that’s safe, easy to use, and compelling? With this practical book, ... Plus

Langue English
8,99 €
Livre numérique Take Control of FileVault

Protect your Mac's data in the event of theft with Apple's FileVault! If your Mac were stolen, would you worry about the thief seeing your email, photos, financial data, ... Plus


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Sortie de Tryton 3.4 External link Français

31 octobre 2014 00:33:07

Comme à l'accoutumée, le mois d'octobre voit la sortie d'une nouvelle version de Tryton, la plate-forme de développement d'applications pour entreprise (progiciel de gestion intégré ou PGI mais aussi ERP). Sur cette version, ...

Préparation de documents LaTeX avec BSD Owl External link Français

31 octobre 2014 00:25:50

À l'occasion de la sortie de BSD Owl 2.2.1 — le système de compilation portable pour BSD Make — je vous propose d'apprendre à utiliser BSD Owl pour préparer et publier vos documents Ce texte est une traduction de la page du Wiki “Producing LaTeX ...

L’Académie des sciences française prétend vouloir l’ouverture des publications scientifiques External link Français

30 octobre 2014 11:56:29

En France, l’Académie des sciences a, parmi ses missions, de conseiller les autorités gouvernementales dans le domaine des sciences. Dans le cadre de cette activité, ...

Tamashare : salle virtuelle interactive pour vos activités collaboratives External link Français

30 octobre 2014 11:13:42

Tamashare est une application vous permettant de travailler à distance comme si vous étiez dans la même pièce (NdM : disponible sous GNU/Linux, au moins Debian amd64, mais propriétaire) Pour immerger les utilisateurs dans une ambiance « salle de ...

Appel à participations pour 2014 External link Français

30 octobre 2014 10:36:49

Le 22 novembre 2014, les associations les Mongueurs de Perl, l'AFPy (Association Francophone Python), Ruby France, ...